• What are the most efficient ways to network to become a freelance software engineer?

    My sources for actual paying projects have varied quite a lot.  I've gotten a few from people finding my resume online, but as far as ways that fit better the general notion of networking:

    • Referrals from friends or past clients
    • People finding my LinkedIn profile
    • My finding the job they've posted to the Jobs tab of a LinkedIn group
    • My finding the job they've posted to the discussion forum of a Meetup
    • Twitter
    • Unknown -- call from a recruiter I had already been in contact long enough ago that I had forgotten to ask where they originally found me
    • Developing out of a technical conversation, where I wasn't originally trying to sell them my services, just help with a problem.

    The most productive way, once you have customers, is obviously to make an extraordinary showing with regards to for them so they'll allude more customers to you. That is not so much all that basic in our profession, yet it's "productive" in light of the fact that it's what you ought to do in any case. :- ) 

    In any case, on the off chance that I needed to pick only one strategy, inside the standard domain of "organizing", that required some extra exertion, I'd run with hanging out in specialized gatherings where there are the two geeks and scouts. You can gain from the more experienced nerds, help the less experienced, let the enrollment specialists see your mastery and support, and read the occupations they post. 

    Going to gatherings is another great one frequently ignored. Don't simply go to sessions and stay there tuning in, meet individuals outside of the sessions, become more acquainted with them, and build up long haul connections. It likely won't help much temporarily, occurrence to discover somebody with a fitting opening, yet it can widen your system for the whole deal.

    The above all are the best ways to get new engineering job.

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